Muskoka Indie Night

Muskoka is a hotbed of incredibly talented musicians that span a variety of genres and demographic audiences. With the opening of Bracebridge Hall in August of 2019, we now have a professionally equipped and staffed concert facility in the Heart of Muskoka.

This presents an excellent opportunity to showcase incredible local talent in a professional venue to a willing audience. This is the concept behind Muskoka Indie Night.

When: Third Friday of each month starting on January 17th, 2020.

Where: Bracebridge Hall, 17A Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1S4.

Who: The event is hosted by Trön Roper with technical assistance from Greg Mount.

What: Three local bands will each perform one set with the first act starting at 8 pm, second a 9 pm and the final act at 10 pm. Each set will be no more than 45 minutes to allow a 15 minute break for changeover.

How: Interested bands can apply online to participate in Muskoka Indie Night. Tickets will be available online and at the venue for $15. The event organizers will receive $200 from ticket sales, with the remainder divided between the bands.

Net ticket sales are divided by the number of tickets sold per band. Ticket purchasers will be asked which of the three acts they are there to support. That band will receive 100% of the net ticket revenue. If no specific act is selected, the net ticket sale is divided equally between the three acts. This way the bands that attract the largest crowd get the biggest payout.


The main goal of Muskoka Indie Night is to ensure that everyone has a great time. As such, we want to ensure that all bands are stage ready and audience friendly. All bands must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • All band members must be 19 years of age or older.
  • All acts must have played at least 3 paid performances within the past year.
  • All acts must have at least three original songs in their repertoire.
  • Acts must confirm availability at least 4 weeks before the assigned event date.
  • Acts must provide bio, photo, audio and video demo material for review.


To ensure a smooth night, a few logistical items are necessary:

  • A house kit, bass rig and microphones will be provided.
  • Drummers are asked to bring their own cymbals, throne and pedals.
  • Please ensure that your instruments are in a stage ready and mobile condition.
  • Please don’t assume that the organizers or venue can provide additional equipment (e.g. patch cables, strings, straps, sticks, etc.).
  • Ensure that you arrive promptly at the assigned time ready for line check.
  • Due to limited stage space, we ask that all acts store extra equipment, cases, etc., in their vehicles.


Every good show needs an excited and engaged audience to be a success. That’s why promotion is such an important part of Indie Night. The more we all work together to promote the event, the more people will come out.

Promotional efforts are divided between the participating acts, the event organizers and the venue. The organizers will distribute promotional material to everyone involved well in advance of the event date to ensure consistent and professional branding.

We ask that all participating acts do their part to ensure a packed house and a great night for everyone.


Every act that participates in Muskoka Indie Night enjoys the following benefits:

  • A fair and proportional payout from ticket sales.
  • An opportunity to showcase your talent in an excellent venue with great sound and professional support.
  • An audio and video recording of your set.
  • Possible opportunity for an opening slot (or even a headline slot) at Bracebridge Hall.


The organizers of Muskoka Indie Night are open to submissions from all genres, styles, genders, ethnicity and opinions. We believe strongly that diversity in music, as in life, is a core source of inspiration, expression and mutual respect. All are welcome here.


Think your band has what it takes to play the Hall? Apply now and find out.